5 Ways To Maximize Experiential Marketing

The current state of media provides opportunities for both marketers and consumers to experience a new way to engage the market. Below we have supplied FIVE ways you can engage with your audience through experiential marketing.

1. Market To Individuals

Knowing your audience is a key component when marketing to individuals. Marketers must understand their consumers’ preferences, relationship with the company and the current stage in their buying journey.

2. Know Their Behaviours

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When a marketer understands customer behaviours, it allows them to know their consumers actual interests. Multiple channels track and inform consumer behaviours. Knowing these behaviours provides marketers opportunities to create content that can be replicated and implemented on multiple channels.

Our Meme Of The Day for example, enables us to see what conversations the community are engaging with. Knowing that people are engaging with content like water drinking preferences, allows us to engage in educated conversations through all integrated marketing channels.

3. Continuing The Process

Engaging with your customer base is like a conversation; it needs to be personalized and flow through each message. Marketers who continue the conversation are able to create a chain of events that ensure continuous engagement. 

At VX3 Exchange not only do we spark the conversation – we continue it. Updated newsletters through email help us engage with our clients on new article postings, updates and special events. We are able to not only provide, but also educate our customer base every step of the – process. 

4. Directed Towards An Outcome

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Experiential marketing means to help build relationships towards a common goal. With each piece of content created the call to action must be evident, helping customers move towards a purchase or recommendation. Marketers must strive to build this relationship with buyers in order to get authentic information that can help assist and motivate through the customer journey.

5. Take Advantage of Multiple Channels

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Omni-Channel marketing allows marketers to reach their customer base on multiple channels, supplying the same message with similar content that continues the conversation. 

VX3Exchange has integrated multiple channels to ensure your message is heard through all mediums. Utilizing broadcast, Web and SEO, Digital/Social media and live engagements like live streams and attended events, we are able to reach your consumers through the channels they engage. 


At its core, experiential marketing is an individualized experience that flows through each step of the customer journey. At VX3 Exchange our goal is to make that process engaging every step of the way. Contact us today and subscribe to our newsletter for more reads like this!

Jonathan Broderick 
Instagram: @lowkeyitsjoec


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