VX3 Exchange connects with communities through innovative models in media presentation and event logistics.

We are experts in cultural and audience engagement. We connect with communities through innovative models in media presentation and event logistics. Working collaboratively with highly influential content creators and stakeholders (across business and educational sectors) we collaboratively produce timely, relevant and authentic cultural content experiences year-round alongside top influencers in the market.

What They Say About Us

Client Testimonials

We are a debt consolidation company and wanted to reach a multicultural community through many forms of media. [The VX3 Staff Team] understood our needs and provided us with great campaign suggestions. In less than a month we are already closing deals. We thank their staff for their very professional customer support.
P. Pendi
Clear Debt Solutions
We required an agency to direct our OOH (Out-Of-Home) billboard and print campaign plus align our message with cultural experiences on the ground. (VX3) was able to check ALL the boxes and provided a one-stop service for our campaign engagement.
V. Quero
Digi Cel

Audiences Testimonials

THANK YOU – You have no idea how much hearing my culture on the radio gives me LIFE! You play an important part of my daily routine getting me in the right mood for the rest of my day.
Female Listener
VIBE Tribe
I saw your team at CNE (Toronto Festival) this past weekend and they had the most energy out of anything else I seen that day – Kudos! You have a new fan for life – keep doing what you do!
Male Audience
VIBE Tribe

Influencers Testimonials

I look forward to this event (24HRS/24DJS) every year! The energy and concept are phenomenal. My phone has been blowing up since the start of my set.
DJ Makem
Redbull 3Style Regional Champ
This is the type of program (V360) that I would recommend to anyone. Just because you’ve been in school for 4-years doesn’t mean you’re done learning – I’ve grown tremendously in my short time with (VX3) and wouldn’t have the opportunity for this level of hands-on experience anywhere else.
L Hanna
University Intern


Throughout the year we are actively engaged in a healthy and authentic exchange of events with diverse communities across the GTA. Whether by way of interviews, forums, content presentations or large scale events we are a large part of the cultural fabric that shapes the vibrancy of our city. By way of timely and engaging media experiences we are constantly on the leading edge of curating content and conversations with a purpose.

Visit us often for updates on upcoming events and cultural experiences you can support and/or participate in.


Not only do we produce timely blog articles relevant to engagement marketing and raising awareness around the value of cultural connectivity, we are an active and professional journalistic source for local news. We provide valuable and engaged media content for mass market consumption. Our content is generated in part by formally trained members of our community and an experienced journalism staff. We partner with highly skilled creators to produce timely and topical content with journalistic polish and integrity. 

We are an accredited news source for some of the following content partners:

and many more media collaborations

Real Human Interest Stories Ranging From The Ordinary To The Truly Extraordinary

IMPACT is a long-form documentary series introducing audiences to extraordinary human interests stories from across Canada. All episodes are presented in a first-person narrative, inviting a broader audience in on the discussions and events that shape the communities around them.

If you’ve had a unique experience or know of someone with an experience that has fundamentally shaped their existence then please reach out to our production team. By way of expert story-telling we help to foster powerful connections throughout our communities and help build awareness of the shared struggles and triumphs we all experience.