Quantity Content Matters In Marketing

Online media is filled with marketers trying to get their company, product and service engaged with by the masses. With many marketers trying to get their skin in the game – it is easy to be forgotten, especially when your focus is quality. Though quality content is important, this post highlights why quantitative content is functional and why it can enhance marketers’ engagement with their potential customers

Quantity Can Be Controlled

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We’ve all heard the phrase quality over quantity. Marketers, especially in today’s digital space, are competing to be seen in this oversaturated online environment. Yes, quality matters for content creation but it is not the key to success because quality is hard to measure. 

You could spend days and nights perfecting a post for Twitter, editing the content and spending hours colour grading the picture. The reality is your potential customer may only look at the post for SIX seconds. According to Lead Revenue, the shelf life of an average Twitter post is roughly 15-20 minutes.

By posting quantifiable content, you get a better picture of what your audiences are interacting with. Having multiple posts on various channels not only helps you increase your visibility, it can aid in measuring the success of each post. In short, you are discovering the content your customers want to see on a monthly basis and on what channels they are engaging the most. 

Providing Potential Audiences An Entry Point

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The purpose of content marketing, at its core, is to drive traffic to a company’s page. Every piece of content is an entry point to your company’s site or sales funnel. As you continue to push content on various platforms, it supplies more opportunities for your potential customers to discover you. Posting on numerous platforms increases traction on posts, which in short, multiplies the contact points to a variety of audiences, thus increasing your frequency. 

At VX3 Exchange we use an omni-channel content experience strategy to supply these contact points. Whether promoting your services on an FM broadcast like, VIBE 105, or simply providing a sign up form across varied social media channels or events, we are continuously pushing accessible content to target all of your potential audiences. The goal is to have a considerable volume of content on various channels so we can inspire, educate and promote to your prospective customers everywhere.

With an audience base of over 1.6 million residents within reach of our FM broadcast signal, we deliver an exciting mix of culturally authentic programs and quantitative content experiences across our various channels in collaboration with some of Canada’s top creative influencers. VX3 Exchange believes that quantity content helps continue the conversation and provides marketers an opportunity to have a positive and impactful discussion around being Afro-Caribbean 365 days a year. 

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Jonathan Broderick 
Instagram: @lowkeyitsjoec


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